Friday, February 20, 2015

What a Journey!

What a journey it has been; first, traveling to the minority regions of China, and second, to return to America and create over 30 paintings with fellow artist Vicky Gooch.

I have a variety of different kinds of friends and acquaintances, and one thing I noticed when I got back is that everyone has strong opinions and feelings about the country of China either way. Let me just say that it was not my intention to make a political statement about China, but rather to give my ‘impressions’ of the China I visited.

In 1944 Aaron Copland wrote the orchestral suite Appalachian Spring.  The war was raging in Europe and Copland wanted to remind people that there was still beauty to be found in the world. Like Copland, it is my wish that you will find beauty represented in the paintings I have created from visiting this ancient, diverse and magical region of the world.

Thank you for going with me on this journey.

Sincerely, Mary Frankel, March 2015

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